Since having Breast Cancer I have begun walking so much more as it has helped me get in tune with nature.  I loved both before but not on the scale that I have now.   I love to get out and observe my surroundings – nature at its best!

Who do I walk with?

I’m very fortunate to live next to the Seaside which has a 3 mile long promenade, so quite often my Mum and I will walk along it.  With some friends we try and do a hike a month through woods and trails.  I even do a weekly evening walk with other friends around where we live.

On occasions, a friend and I have been out for a whole day. We’ve started from one of our houses and walked 3 miles to our favourite Café.  Why is it our favourite café – because of the cake!  And of course as we have just walked there it’s no calories!!  From that we have walked another 5 miles, along the seafront, the toll path on the outskirts of a wood until we reach another favourite café for a pit stop.  And then it is another 2 mile walk up some very ancient steps and then down a steep road before I get home.   Total of 10 miles and most of the day!

Sometimes it is great to just walk on my own.  It gives me time to think, to clear my head.  I’ve even been creative and come up with ideas and goals for the future.  I’ve planned, I’ve recorded my thoughts and I’ve taken time out to breathe.  A great way for some self-care!

Benefits of walking

  • Walking is the easiest form of exercise and the cheapest!
  • By getting out in the daytime and fresh air can increase your overall well-being.
  • You get to see all the different coloured trees and flowers and how beautiful at different times of year
  • Going with a friend means you spend time in each other’s company and can have a good catch up. However, if there are silences it’s not awkward as you are walking side by side and there is always something to point out to break that silence.
  • It makes me happy, I just feel so different by having been outside. I do notice it if I’ve not been around for a while I feel sluggish with no energy.

My recommendation is to try it and see how much you enjoy it.  Remember think about what you need to take with you on a walk – good footwear, a waterproof and water is just a starter.

Photo taken by myself during a walk whilst on Holiday at Welcombe Mouth, North Devon.  October 2019