Louise McMilan

Encouraging You To "Live Life More Fully"

Inspirational Speaker

My keynote talk “The lesson that Stan taught me” takes you on my personal journey of my challenges with limiting self-belief and lack of self-confidence and the impact it had on my mental health, career and relationships.

It took me having Breast Cancer to change how I viewed myself and that I was going to live my life differently!  It’s not easy, I have over 25 years of self-loathing to overcome, however, I have my own toolkit to help me continue on my positive change of life.

By sharing my story to others I inspire you to:

  • start believing in yourself
  • find the positive in the most unusual circumstances
  • make changes by sharing the learnings and tips that I have adopted.

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Everyone could not help but be impressed by a very open and frank talk on a very personal journey, dealing with serious issues but in a very positive manner. 

Louise shows great courage in delivering her and Stan’s story and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to businesses, clubs and groups. 

We can all benefit from the positivity of her talk.


Many thanks for the really outstanding talk you gave to the Rotary members last night.

Keeping the attention of our members is no mean feat and, I must confess, the only comments being expressed speak only of your skills in presentation, ability to communicate and, most of all, keep everyone’s attention throughout your talk.

Congratulations on a terrific performance, words from the heart, spoken with conviction and coupled with a message of hope despite the most adversary of conditions.

It really was my pleasure to be the Speakers friend last night, you did yourself proud.

Bob – Wrington Rotary Club

Louise told her story is such an open way that the audience became fully involved and silent throughout.

Louise painted a very clear picture of how she suffered with depression and then cancer and described vividly, holding back no punches, how this affected her.   

A lot of good food for thought, Louise has conquered and is a very likeable, competent lady who is an excellent speaker and I wish her well.   


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