I think we’d all agree that life at times is a bit like a roller coaster.

The ups and downs, the slow and fast bits and the mixed feelings you get inside.

The Roller Coaster ride

As you slowly go up on a roller coaster there is that nervous bit. That in trepidation for when you get to the top.  When you are so high up off the ground and your life is in held in the safety of the seat. You are gripping what is holding you in so you don’t fall out! (gulp)

Then there is the adrenalin as you shoot down at goodness knows what speed.  And from my experience, you either scream loudly or with no sound with your mouth wide open.  You could be laughing or just try to keep breathing depending on the type of roller coaster.   For some there is that overwhelming fear that you are crying, eyes closed and just can’t wait to get off – the worst 10 minutes of your life (if they last that long!)

Now in life you either mirror the ups and downs of the roller coaster or it can be the opposite.

In a work setting

Starting a new job can be positive but full of unknowns.  There is the overthinking that comes with it – am I good enough, is it the right move, will I fit in. So the lead up to Day One is the rise on the roller coaster and then ‘whoosh’ day one, week one, month one rushes by and realise it’s all been okay.  And okay with some ups and downs along the way as you learn new things and make a few mistakes.

The opposite happens when you leave a job.  The day is looming.  You’ve been holding on to the good times and you are having to finish everything off.  As you get to the top it is the last day, you say your goodbyes and whoosh you are no longer there.

Now depending if you have a new job to go to the next climb is similar to the first scenario.  However, if you don’t the ‘whoosh’ down seems never ending.  It’s like a roller coaster that goes into a tunnel but you can’t see the light at the end of it.  And after a while, the roller coaster becomes slow in terms of your energy and positivity.  Although still fast in how quick days go by and the financial resources you have.

Life in general

From romance to house moves, and holidays and sickness you’ll have your own experiences of how that roller coaster feeling affects you.

What we must remember is how we talk to ourselves whilst on the roller coaster of life.  So:

  • Remember all the positives
  • Believe that it will all be okay
  • Don’t overthink it
  • Smile and take time to be with others.
  • Talk through your thoughts with a friend.

If you are going through a major change in life and you are not sure how to manage your thought process, I offer a free harmony call.  It’s a chance for you to share your ideas and decide whether we’re a good fit to take your life change journey together. There’s no obligation and perhaps it’ll be the first step towards the life you’re dreaming of.

Photo by @helloimnik on Unsplash