Courage – let me ask you a question:

What does courage mean to you?

When thinking of your answer(s) do you immediately think of someone saving another person’s life or being adventurous and climbing a mountain such as Kilimanjaro?

It’s easy to look up the word in a dictionary or on google. However we really need to understand what the word means to us personally, in our own world of expectations and feelings.

When have you been courageous?

Have you ever asked yourself when the last time was that you were courageous?

Do you find yourself struggling to answer that?

If I told you that you were probably courageous every day – would you believe me?

We live in a world where we see how courageous others are from the comfort of our homes. Whether we see them online or on our TV.  Even at work we hear about colleagues doing courageous things on their holiday. So we manifest this word and belittle what is courageous for us day to day.

When you have a fear of something and you tackle it or overcome it – you are using courage. Scared of driving on the motorway and you do it – you have been courageous.  If you have a fear of spiders and you find one in the bath and no one else is at home.  You use your courage to deal with it. Even if it means calling your mum at 06:00 to talk to you whilst you sort it.  Yes this is what I do very often!

The majority of us have a fear of what other people think about us.  Are they judging us? What if I fail?  So we stop ourselves from doing something or turn down opportunities. As we loose the courage to do them.

You can be courageous

As a child we had lots of occasions where we were scared or frightened.  We got on with it and overcame them.  As we get older we tend to overthink.  We stop ourselves from taking action. Therefore preferring to stay in our comfort zone. The outcome of this is

  • applying for the job or promotion never happens
  • running a marathon remains a dream or the exercise class ignored
  • we refrain from going to that social event,
  • you don’t sky dive out of that plane

And ultimately we could stop living! …..

a result, we become unhappy and life starts to slip away from us.

Can you imagine the excitement of achieving?  succeeding? Or living a different life by having the courage to make a change?Imagine not only celebrating the achievement at the end. Celebrating the steps you took along the way.  Especially those you didn’t think you could take.  

Believe me when I say you can do something about it today …

Make a list of the things you would like to do or change and when you want to achieve it by.

Then start to think about the one thing you could do to take you one step forward.

You have the answers inside you to overcome what is stopping you and take that leap of faith.

Do you want to make changes in your life however not brave enough to do so on your own. I offer a free harmony call.  It’s a chance for you to share your ideas and decide whether we’re a good fit to take your life change journey together. There’s no obligation and perhaps it’ll be the first step towards the life you’re dreaming of.

Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash