Isn’t it time for
you to thrive?

I’m Louise McMilan, and I’m a coach and
inspirational speaker.

I’d like to share my story with you.

About my tough times and the years in the
wilderness that defined me.

And then, my journey back to a place I love and a
place where I can thrive.

Thank you for dropping by and looking at my website. Here is a little about me.

I love to make a difference to people and seeing them happy! I’m a middle child and love surrounding myself with my family and friends.

Working in HR gave me the opportunity to meet and work with a wide variety of people, however, something wasn’t right. Every now and then I would find myself questioning my ability. I lacked so much confidence, I felt like a fraud. I had this constant negative voice in my head telling me that I was not good enough for anything and it really impacted my friendships and relationships, not only at work but also in love! I’d shut myself off, comfort eat and then blow things out of proportion; resulting in me being in constant tears and spiralling into depression.

After years of continuous cycle and diagnosis of anxiety and depression, I realised that I’ve lived with limiting self-belief and lack of self-confidence for most of my life. I really understand the anxieties that arise and stop you from doing what you really want whether this is in your professional or personal life.

But it took me to have the biggest ‘plot twist’ imaginable to make me reflect and view my life differently.

In 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after my first chemotherapy session I had to undergo major emergency surgery for appendicitis! I’ve been through the fire and it’s resolved my desire to help people. It also gave me the most valuable lesson of all – I have to start living the life I want now!!

And that means being true to me and doing what makes me happy – helping others to happiness and ultimately enabling them to “Live life more fully”.

If any of my story resonates with you, perhaps I can help? Let’s have a free no-obligatory call.

Looking back to my initial thoughts before working with Louise, I had no confidence at all in being able to succeed in my goals.

I was completely overwhelmed by how much work I had to do. Meeting with Louise helped to break down my goals into manageable little goals, each of which helped me get a step closer to my ultimate goal.

I usually worried about not having enough time but Louise always helped me to relax and feel more in control, and I was amazed at how enthusiastic I was to try out the new things that I had thought of.

I am really grateful to Louise for all her help and support.