My signature programme

Envisage a life where you are living your dream life

To live a life that is true to you

To have renewed belief and confidence in yourself

So you can live life more fully each day.

Sometimes dreams feel very far away. The truth is we all have the answers inside us to help you get there. What can stop us is our inner thoughts, beliefs, and fear!


On the ‘Living Life More Fully’ Programme I help you:

  • Identify areas of your life that are unfulfilled
  • Acknowledge what makes you unhappy
  • Explore what is stopping you and find the confidence to overcome them
  • Reignite your motivation and zest for life

Renew your self-belief and mindset to let go and move forward to achieve the life you want.

I listen, encourage, and gently challenge you to uncover the answers. So, you get to where you would like to be much quicker than on your own.

Through the programme you will:

  • Get a better understanding of yourself and future self!
  • Be inspired by your own renewed self-belief and mind set
  • Recognise the tools and techniques that help you to overcome your blockers
  • Feel empowered to make changes and take charge of your ‘new’ life
  • Appreciate how a step-by-step approach helps you in your success
  • Become happier in yourself and the direction you want to take.
  • Feel motivated to achieve the goals you want in half the time.

All this in 6 sessions (up to 90 minutes each) over 6-8 weeks

Here’s how it breaks down into 5 phases

Phase 1: The tip of the Iceberg

Ever seen an iceberg? (I haven’t…except for in “Titanic”).

But, I’m betting you’re catching my drift here. The tip of the iceberg is all of the things we can see, hear, touch and it’s generally one of the easiest places to pinpoint a lack of balance.

In this phase of coaching, we’re diving into the external and laying the groundwork for deeper work.

Phase 2: Outside Looking In

Now we move down that iceberg a bit…

…just beneath the surface where the things we hold dear live.

Things like our confidence, self-worth, boundaries. This is where we’ll start to look within and find areas for growth AND areas that are flourishing. Here we’ll be doing deep-dive exercises and conversations about all things internal (the things that fuel you, motivate you, and give you purpose).

Phase 3: Who am I?

Remember those fun times you had as a child.

The dreams and excitement you had from some of the simplest of pleasures.

Phase 4: What’s getting in my way!

We are our own worst blocker to getting in our way.

It is useful to know what is stopping us and where those blockers come from. We will also get to understand the values we hold so dear and the impact it can have.

Phase 5: Moving forward

It is all well and good going through this if we do not concentrate on how to move forward and start taking action.

This is where your creative juices will start flowing as your desire to live life more fully intensives and there is no stopping you.

Want to join me and find what really lights you up inside this exclusive 1:1 coaching experience.

Let us take this journey to living life more fully together.

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Clients who have been on the Living Life More Fully programme have said:

“Wow, I never put ‘fun’ on my to do list”

“The future is so much clearer and I know where I am heading”

“Loving this programme and excited about the changes I am making”