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Encouraging You To "Live Life More Fully"


My Signature Programme – Living Life More Fully

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Envisage a life where you are living your dream life

To live a life that is true to you

To have renewed belief and confidence in yourself

So you can live life more fully each day. 

Sometimes dreams feel very far away.  The truth is we all have the answers inside us to help you get there.  What can stop us is our inner thoughts, beliefs and fear!

On the ‘Living Life More Fully’ Programme I help you:

  • Identify areas of your life that are unfulfilled
  • Acknowledge what makes you unhappy
  • Explore what is stopping you and find the confidence to overcome them
  • Reignite your motivation and zest for life
  • Renew your self-belief and mindset to let go and move forward to achieve the life you want

I listen, encourage and gently challenge you to uncover the answers. So, you get to where you’d like to be much quicker than on your own. 


Through the programme you will:

  • Get a better understanding of yourself and future self!
  • Be inspired by your own renewed self-belief and mind set
  • Recognise the tools and techniques that help you to overcome your blockers
  • Feel empowered to make changes and take charge of your ‘new’ life
  • Appreciate how a step by step approach helps you in your success
  • Become happier in yourself and the direction you want to take. 
  • Feel motivated to achieve the goals you want in half the time. 

The programme consists of 6 individual sessions, some lasting up to 90 minutes. 

Whilst I may have a number of clients on the programme at any one time, the individual sessions give you the open space to be comfortable and secure in what you wish to discuss. 

Clients who have been on the Living Life More Fully programme have said:
💜 “Wow, I never put ‘fun’ on my to do list”
💜 “The future is so much clearer and I know where I am heading”
💜 “Loving this programme and excited about the changes I am making”

Online Masterclasses and Book Club

Managing Expectations and Setting Boundaries

Stop People-pleasing and start being who you want to be without meeting everyone else’s expectation of you.  

? Are expectations taking over how you live and make decisions daily?

? Are you consumed with the expectations from others which lead you to people please daily personally and professionally. 

? Are there times in your life where you have stopped what you were doing because of a comment from someone else – why is this?  How is this serving you?

? Have you had times when you were disappointed in someone because they didn’t do or say something that you would have liked, causing you to feel shame, disappointment and feel upset.

Expectations – love them or loathe them they are all around you!

Its none of our business what others think of us. When you make simple or powerful changes in your life you are always going to be faced by other people’s opinions, expectations and wants. 

If you want to start making changes in your life come and are worried about the impact this may have on those around you, come and join me on my “Manging Expectations and setting Boundaries” Master Class.

Over the course of 40 minutes you will receive a number of tools and techniques to help you live your own life every day!

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Goal Setting Masterclass

Making Your Dreams a Reality!

We’ve all had times in life where we have had dreams and ambitions!

Some of us will remember the ones we have achieved!

Quite a few of us will remember the ones we didn’t or are still trying to achieve.

If we don’t write these dreams and ambitions down sand set actions to achieve them, we won’t succeed. And without taking action for what we want in our life we are likely to drift along!

When we set actions to achieve our dreams and aspirations, we need to be very clear on what the end looks like or we’ll give up.

If you want to start making changes in your life come and join me for my ‘Making your Dreams a reality’ Masterclass.

Over the course of 30 minutes you will receive a number of tools and techniques to help you make your dreams a reality.

And, of course, help you succeed!

This is the start you have been looking for!

Stepping stones

Self Development Book Club 

Do you love reading development books?Are you wanting to read more ?

Come along and discover new books and new friends in a relaxed and inspired way.

We meet on the 1st Sunday of the month at 17:00

You can share your thoughts on any books that you have read.

  • self-development,
  • well-being
  • inspirational
  • autobiographies

Everyone is invited to share, although no obligation or expectations unless want to.

Each month you’ll make a commitment to read a book of your choice, or make a goal between each session (you won’t have to share unless you wish to.)

Please come along with your book, notebook, pen and a cuppa of your choice.

Our sessions are virtual on Zoom and details will be sent 48 hours before our start time

NB – there is no specified reading list. It’s an opportunity for you to share and be inspired.


I had the great pleasure of recently attending Louise’s ‘Making your dreams a reality Masterclass’.  Even though it was delivered online, it still had the same level of immersion, warmth & support that you always get from being with Lou ‘in person’. Her delivery was impeccable & I learned a lot about her way of setting & achieving goals. I highly recommend Lou’s coaching – not only because she is a great coach – but also one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet!


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Tips for Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Autumn and winter brings many gorgeous colours on the trees and array of sparkling lights and colour at Christmas. 

 For a lot of people the shorter day light can be challenging for their overall well-being and some may suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  

I have experienced SAD; sometimes it has affected me at different times during those dark Autumn and Winter months.  

If you find this time of year difficult, please download my FREE personal 7 tips for Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder and I hope it helps.

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Tips for Managing Loneliness

Loneliness can affect us all at some time in our life. Perhaps you find yourself now living on your own, or perhaps other members of your family are no longer as reliant on you as they once were. 

Sometimes, loneliness can be a state of mind, and even with people around you, it could cause you to feel empty, alone and unwanted.  

I have experienced Loneliness on a number of occasions.  Here are my 10 tips that I have personally found useful and hope they help you too.

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30 Days of Self Care

Self-care is about looking after you – your head, heart and body.  This is so you can be the best version of you!

To me Self-care means doing the things that help me recover and make me feel more like myself.

I am one of the first to put their hand up and admit that self-care was something I never used to think about and I learnt the hard way by burning out on more than one occasion.  Even though I now plan time for self-care I still have to be conscious that I am looking after myself the right way for me. 

During the lockdown in 2020 I shared 30 Days of Self Care actions on my Social Media pages and you can now download a copy to either follow for 30 days or as you wish.  These are ones I have personally found useful and hope they help you too.

“Great tips for managing my loneliness”

Love the Daily self-care list.  Really enjoyable “

I have downloaded all Louise’s tips and one thing that is consistent – Louise reminds you to have fun!  Never thought about putting my favourite music on and dancing around the kitchen.”

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